Quest IRA, Inc. in 2012 – What to Watch For?

2011 was a great year that allowed Quest IRA, Inc. to be created and just like it has been since we opened the office in 2003, we had another great growth year. But the growth we have experienced over the past 9 years will pale in comparison to the exponential growth we will see in 2012!

 There are many changes that are coming to Quest IRA for our clients, prospects and business partners that will allows Quest IRA to be the leader in timely opening, processing, and funding transactions while still be the national leader in localized education for each community. The website, education classes, networking events, webinars, and many other aspects Quest IRA has spent hundreds of thousand of dollars improving for you, the client.

Another BIG change to Quest IRA, Inc. will be that we will be attending many more seminars, workshops, association and organization meetings nationally and not just throughout Texas. Since we already have a office in Michigan with another office expected to be open in Seattle, WA by the end of 2012 you can expect Quest IRA to show up in your city or town very soon.

Should you have an event you would like Quest IRA to attend, sponsor, and/or present information on self-directed IRAs, please contact Ryan Kimura ( or 800.320.5950 x 3584)

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