“This was a very informative and delightful topic.  Quincy is funny and clear, his competent presentation was coherent and he made clear how investment with a self-directed IRA works.  The good examples illustrated how a deal would work to build your IRA.”

Orville Jenkins, Member of HEB Real Estate Investors Club


As a real estate investor it’s important to me to have an IRA custodian that understands what I do. Quincy Long fill that role. His thorough understanding of the rules of Self-Directed ROTHs and Traditional IRAs will be an asset to anyone using their IRA and ROTH to maximize their returns

Earl Virginia Land Trust Services, Corporate Trustee


I use Quincy Long, Quest IRA, Inc for all my self directed Roth IRA,IRA and HSA accounts. His depth of knowledge  seems to have no bounds, he is approachable on any IRA related issues. I wish I had found Quincy many years ago.

—Simon White, www.SimandaInvestments.com


“I want to thank you for the excellent presentation on asset based financing which you gave to the Houston Commercial Real Estate Network on Friday.  The number of questions which you had to address after the closing of your remarks is evidence of the high level of interest which our members had in your subject.  I look forward to learning much more detail on the subject in your MCE class.  Thanks again.”

—-Michael Butler, Commercial Real Estate Network (CREN)


“Quincy is just a freaky genius. His material was awesome. The versatility offered by a self-directed arrangement from your retirement dollars… more people need to know!”

—-Member from Lifestyles Unlimited Houston

“Yesterday was one of the most informative, interesting MCE classes I have ever taken.  Thank you for making it available to all of us.”

—-Gwen Durrenberger, Realtor – Prudential Gary Greene


Thanks for sending me the email about this class.  I learned so much and will be applying what I learned and seeking additional education on the Real Estate Investments in IRAs and Qualified Plans.

—-Juniat Thomas, Realtor – Realty Associates


“North American Title recently sponsored a MCE class with Quincy Long, President, Quest IRA, Inc.  This was North American Title’s first MCE class with Quest IRA, Inc. and as with new classes and instructors we were unsure on what to expect, but the topic seemed very interesting.  Not only was the response from the realtor community overwhelming, but the feedback on the class was some of the best we have received in a long time.”

—-Deidra Odom, Vice President/Director of Sales & Marketing 


“Finding Quest IRA, Inc. was like finding an oasis in the desert. I was with one of the big investment houses and like everyone else in the market lost my shirt. That part hurt because I am retired, but the part that drove me away was the total lack of customer loyalty. Since I have come to Quest IRA I feel that I am finally in charge. Quincy and Nathan and your whole staff has been totally about service since I came to you three months ago. I am still learning all of the possibilities of investment, but with Quincy’s education system that has also become easy. Please maintain the customer service that you provide now as you grow your business. It is a pleasure to be associated with your company”

—–Donald Sweeney, Current Quest IRA, Inc. Client


As a Speaker – “H. Quincy Long is a dynamic and entertaining speaker. He understands the everyday issues investors have to deal with and presents practical approaches in a simple, straight forward manner.”

Knowledge on self-directed IRAs – “H. Quincy Long is a true expert in the field of self-directed IRAs…and there are very few of them out there. His approach is practical and conservative in an area that has a lot of hype and misinformation.”

As an Attorney – “H. Quincy Long is a true student of the law, from actual code sections to court rulings. That makes him the go-to person on issues in his areas of expertise.”

As a Business Associate – “There are few people you could leave your wallet with and know it would be there when you returned. Quincy Long is one of those guys.”

As an Author – “Quincy Long has an unusual ability to convey complex information in an understandable, readable manner. His illustrations are real world situations that are truly instructive in their message.”

—–Dyches Boddiford – Assets 101, National Speaker and Author


“H. Quincy Long is, without exception, one of the most brilliant minds in business and finance today.  As the host of the price of Business, I interview guests from Fox Business, the Wall Street Journal, and other national media and few can compare to him for his depth of knowledge and ability to make it relevant to the audience.  He is excellent in interviews, a powerful speaker, and the person you can rely on for financial decision making.”

—–Kevin Price, Host of The Price of Business Radio Show on CNN 650AM


“During last weekend at Dallas Texas, Quincy presentation and Q/A was very informative and insightful for RE investors and private lenders. He was enthusiastic and thorough during giving answers to attendees. He promised that he will share his power points to all attendees. His knowledge, ethics, reputation and confidence (referred by attendees) was exactly what I was looking for my life saving IRA. I live in VA but I decided to open account in Taxes with Quincy. I have read his book and he seems to be very interactive with his client or any person seeking for retirement plan and valuable in-person guidance.

I met at least three Retirement service providers recently and I found Quincy is the best and trust worthy.

Very special thanks to Quincy and his staff members who assisted us understanding IRA.

I am also be thankful to Jackie Lange who pulled RE gurus like Quincy Long, Eddie, and others together and helped investors nationwide with the information I could not get in a century.”

——Shakil Ahmed, Attendee at the Private Money Magnet hosted by Cash Flow Depot


“Quincy Long is the perfect hybrid between the super-smart “knows all the regs” attorney and the “out on the street dealmaker.”  His knowledge in helping investors maximize the opportunities with self-directed investment plans while navigating the the rules and regulations is an arena that he has all to himself.

Quincy presents very insightful and current information sprinkled with humor that keeps even the most novice investor entertained and engaged.  His presentations are very well constructed and his handout materials complement his message superbly.

I never miss an opportunity to hear Quincy speak.  I always leave with ideas or new concepts that allow me to improve my investment program.

——David Phelps, DDS., Attendee at the Private Money Magnet Hosted by Cash Flow Depot


Quest IRA, Inc. is where I have my IRA account. They’re not just a great IRA administrator, they are a trusted friend. After knowing the Quest IRA, Inc. Texas office owner H. Quincy Long for many years I have recommended him to all my students. If you’re not utilizing a self directed IRA you should. If you’re not letting Quest IRA, Inc. be your administrator – you should!

——Eddie Speed, President of Colonial Funding Group, Inc. and Founder of Note School


Hi, it was really good meeting you last night and your seminar was amazing.  It is refreshing to know my box is bigger than I thought and inspiring to see your creativity.

—-David Stimmel, Loan Consultant

The Self-Directed IRA Man with a Plan

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